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is your doctor a businessman

Your doctor is a businessman. He is. Does that make him immoral and evil? Not necessarily. Being a businessman as a doctor is a necessity. So, what’s the point?   Imagine a scale. The scale is beautifully imprinted with the Caduceus—the Greek symbol with two snakes swirling up a rod—so you know this scale is…

When Newton came up with his Laws of Motion, I doubt he used his mastery of physics to create great cliché analogies for eating healthy and exercising. While his second law doesn’t get as much attention, you’ve no doubt heard “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” used for a scenario that…

Why you shouldn't wait until your sick

Tri-State Nutritional Healing Center believes in whole body wellness, not symptom masking. Most of us wait until the day we have to call-in sick at work before we actually care about what is going wrong with our body. What we hope to accomplish here is to help spread the word of prevention. Preventative. Prevent. Proactive….

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